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When an ex tries super hard to get you back. Showering you with gifts, compliments and saying that they have “changed.”
Bringing up all the good times and apologizing for the bad ones.
And for a minute you start to consider it. You’ve forgiven them. And it wouldn’t kill you to give it another shot. After all you were together for such a long time.
But you’re reminded of All the tears you shed. All the times they yelled. All the girls or guys they chose over you. All the time you wasted your love on someone who never valued you. Who only realized how amazing you are after they had already lost you. After they saw you moving on happy without them.
And you remember why you broke up in the first place.
Everyone deserves a second chance. Including yourself.
Don’t mistreat the next person who wants a chance to love you just because of a bad ex. Give your heart the chance to find someone new who will love it as much as your heart deserves to.


I don’t get it. I think a majority of us have that one friend who is everything you want in a bf/gf.
But you get friendzoned by them at some point. And after that once they actually and finally want to give it a shot. You feel like you don’t want to ruin the friendship and this time you friendzone them. BUT then one day you BOTH like each other. And both want to. But you don’t tell each other. And what could’ve been a great relationship. Never happens. And you end up dating other people who don’t appreciate you like your friend would have.
Or maybe this has only happened to me? It’s the most annoying feeling of regret! (._. )


In my OPINION. Cheating doesn’t consist of just sexual intercourse or specifically intimate physical acts with a person aside of your significant other. It also consists of an emotional and verbal level. Just the fact that you are hurting your bf/gf/wife/hubby by being intimate on any level with anyone else. Like saying you like and want someone else. Sending mixed messages to them. Overly flirting and being too touchy with them. Just insinuating that you want to take the friendship to a higher or intimate level. Even though you’re already with someone. It all hurts just as much.
If you don’t want to be with someone. Just end it. Leave. Instead of cheating.

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